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Laceless designers at Sole Bloc festival


Getting access to the best talent for your brand is difficult.

Laceless is a community of engaged footwear creatives here to level the playing field.

We manage our diverse network for brands with our strong experience in footwear creation and recruitment to empower your brand to create.

Meet Dan

Dan Cocking

Here to help you create.

Dan is a product creation specialist who has shown he knows how to run footwear businesses.

Previously leading creation teams in Adidas Running, Football, Olympic sports and Court. He then established the footwear business of a young UK fashion brand from the ground up.

Laceless combines this experience with best in class design talent so your brand create world class product.

Meet Ruth

Ruth Cocking

Here to help you hire.

Ruth is passionate about seeing people find their niche.

Previously managing recruitment for adidas product roles, she has an indepth knowledge of the footwear talent network.

Her knowledge on what your brand needs, alongside the world’s biggest design talent pool is a unique opportunity to find you the best fit.

Meet the community

We are powered by an engaged footwear collective.

We are on a mission to build the worlds best community to inspire, equip and connect footwear creatives.

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_Performance Design
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_Product Development
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